pondělí 18. července 2011

. A month ago I went to the Paris. Im in love with this city. 

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  1. I'm in love with Paris too ;)
    Your pictures are great !!!

  2. Thank you! Your French is not so bad for the little use you made ​​it ! :)
    I, however, my English does not seem to be on the top...
    I completely agree with the fact that Xavier is one of the most talented director of our generation! He's so young!
    I look forward to his next film so!
    Thank you for following my blog! Very few people watch it so it gives me great pleasure!
    See you soon!!

  3. @jane hello! Im so glad that you like my picture, everytime when I look at this I get better mood.

    @Just Like honey
    Hi, I mean your blog is great and I love that picture and I like how you show France us.
    Do you often visit Paris or you live there?
    I wanna Xavier be my boyfriend!:D but Im not a boy...never mind..I love his talent

  4. wow great! i love paris to!

    have a great time!