pondělí 18. července 2011

čtvrtek 14. července 2011

before n' after

This is my Photoshop work...
I would like to learn more effect for my photos in PS
Do you know any PS tutorials? Can you give me link?

středa 13. července 2011

Do you need to chill?

Yeah, its quite  warm outside. We have summer and we need some cool. I hope, my winter's photos  help you to chill.

something for the evening


I like this song so much! Do you like it too?
It's summer feeling
so when I with you I have fun...

when I was young...

All right. Im still young, you know, but I mean something else. My first photos. My first introduction with this art.
When I was young, doing photos was  really fun. Everything was in my camera: every move, situation, some story...
There are a few photos of my first work.